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Surgical Applications

Aesthetic, Plastic and reconstructive surgery serves patients in a wide range. Unlike many surgical branches, Aesthetic, Plastic and reconstructive surgery has the task of correcting and improving function and appearance at the same time.


Non-surgical Applications

For a younger, more flawless look, non-surgical aesthetic options are ideal for delaying the effects of old age and creating younger, flawless and aesthetic looks for patients.


Hair Transplantation

It is our method of restoring people who have lost their hair over time by our plastic surgery specialist in a natural and permanent way. In hair transplantation, we add new and permanent hair to the area where the patient’s hair is shed.



Dr. Erdal Tuğsel completed his medical education at the Medical Faculty of the University of Hacettepe after his preliminary education in 1982 and received his doctor title.After completing his compulsory service in Bingöl between 1982-1984, he began his specialization at the medical faculty Ege and became a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery in 1990.

Dr. Erdal Tuğsel was chief medical assistant at the training and Research Hospital Atatürk from 1994-1996. İzmir.İm in 1995, Dr. Erdal Tuğsel was on duty in Brazil, during which time he worked with Carlos Oscar Ubel and thus learned the specialization in the field of hair transplants.

Surgical Applications

Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery serves patients in a very wide range. Unlike many surgical industries, the section operates on a mission to correct and improve function and appearance at the same time.


In cases where there is difficulty breathing through the nose, interventions to resolve breathing problems can be performed during the same surgery.

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Breast aesthetics include breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and breast prostheses.

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The goal is to get a younger and more beautiful face by giving all the structures that make up the face a harmonious and natural look.

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Unwanted fats in the body are absorbed by a medical device with suction function through a hollow cannula.

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Otoplasty is usually done to bring scoop ears closer to the head, add missing wrinkles, or reduce large ears.

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It is an operation to tighten adipose tissue in the abdominal area through anatomical repair of the abdominal wall muscles along with the removal of the sagging excess skin.

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Lips making the face beautiful is one of the models of application and operation to fix troubles caused by various problems.

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It is defined as excessive breast development in men. It comes from a combination of the Greek words gynec (female) and mastos (breast).

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In recent years, procedures for the female genital area have grown rapidly. Many women now want their genital area to be beautiful too.

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It is an application that partially removes and repairs the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue that forms excess, sagging, or sacs around the eyes.

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Patients with deep forehead wrinkles in the eyebrows and temples and forehead shadows are candidates for a forehead lift.

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Aesthetic and plastic surgery ensures that scars and burns look as vague as possible.

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Non-Surgical Uses

With non-surgical methods, results can be achieved both as a complement to plastic surgery and independently of the operation. The common characteristics of nonsurgical treatments are that it is simpler than surgical treatments.


Skin folds that appear through the intensive use of facial muscles and become permanent with the aging process can be reduced by Botox.

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Aesthetic filling application is an aesthetic intervention usually performed on the facial area to remove wrinkles and loss of volume that occur over time.

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The body positively approaches the ropes used in the rope facelift application. The ropes trigger collagen production, which is important for the skin.

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It is the process of applying some solutions to the skin to revitalize, rejuvenate the skin, remove unwanted spots on the skin, and improve the appearance of the skin.

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It is the injection of fat into these areas to ensure fullness in different parts of the face and body. Collapsed areas of the cheeks, forehead, cheek lip line, lips, tip of the chin, hips and legs can be considered examples of places where this application is performed.

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As with all medical treatments, we prefer to treat cellulite with devices that are reliable and have proven the mechanism of action.

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It is a method of treatment that is used as an injection of blood by the person himself into tissues that are to be treated by various procedures and intended to be treated in the body.

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The recording can be used particularly in the area of ​​the face, in the area of ​​the hair, in the area of ​​the décolleté, such as moles that form in uncomfortable situations.

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What is hair transplant?

Hair loss, other than regeneration, will experience a large number of hair loss. Although this problem occurs in specific areas, it does cause bare or sparse hair. This has a negative impact on both women and men in terms of aesthetics and posture.

Hair loss due to hormonal and genetic factors can also be caused by sadness and stress. Various diseases, eating habits, and seasonal changes also lead to hair loss. Hair transplant can briefly be expressed as hair transplant from another area into the spilled area with no hair.

Hair loss is the number one cause of hair loss. But the treatment and method vary depending on the hair loss and the region where hair loss occurs. Hair loss is the number one cause of hair loss. The problem is eliminated primarily through the support of vitamins and minerals. If this method of treatment does not give a result, the final result is achieved through hair transplantation.

Genital Aesthetics

Genital aesthetic operations have distinguished themselves among many aesthetic operations in recent years and have taken an important place today.The reason for this is that women attach as much value to their genital area as to their external appearance.


Small lips, which are part of the external sex organ, are genetically larger and longer in some people. It is also known as the sagging inner lip.

Vaginoplasty (Narrowing Of The Vagina)

Vaginal narrowing surgery is most commonly performed in women who give birth normally due to the relaxation of the vaginal muscles as a result of the inability of the vagina to provide adequate grip during sexual intercourse and the negative impact of sexual intercourse due to the sound coming from the vagina.


Hymenoplasty (Hymen Repair)

It is the process of reattaching the torn hymen. It is not a mandatory procedure in terms of body health or beauty. But from a social point of view, it is an operation that is sometimes needed.

Plumping Large Lips

Large lips can look wrinkled and saggy in some people. This can be a genetic trait, and it’s more of a condition we experience in people after age 30.

A non-surgical rope facelift is a skin-tightening method using flat or legged surgical ropes. A facial vine is the suspension of spots hanging with thicker and more legged ropes.

This method, which has become widely used around the world in recent years, can be used on various areas of the face, neck and body. Hanging with a rope is an easy and safe way to improve the appearance of the cheek and jaw, especially hanging.

Thanks to the ropes placed under the skin, which trigger collagen production within a few weeks, wrinkles decrease, skin elasticity increases and sagging areas recover.

In addition to the support formed by the ropes left in the tissue, the foreign body reaction against the ropes and the effect of the needle entry also contribute to skin regeneration. In patients with more sagging, wrinkles and loss of elasticity, good results can be obtained without surgery by hanging with threads called Cog. The procedure can be applied to both female and male patients. Botox can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as filling.

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