Thread lifting method

The thread lifting method is one of the most effective facelift methods. The rope suspension method is completely safe and the procedure uses threads made for medical purposes. The thread lifting method is suitable for people with sagging skin and wrinkles. The thread lifting method makes your skin appear more tense The thread lifting treatment is suitable for everyone over the age of 35. The thread lifting treatment should be carried out by experts in order to preserve the natural expressions of your face and make the process look completely natural.

Thread lifting method

The thread lifting method is performed under local anesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the procedure. Tiny cannulas are opened and medical threads are placed in the places determined by the specialist. In thread lifting, the areas where the threads are placed are very important. Afterwards Once the positioning of these threads is completed, the threads are stretched upwards to make the skin look younger and firmer. This method, which creates a lifting effect on the skin, works immediately. The thread lifting method is completed in one session It is normal for your skin to have a slight rash after the thread lift, but this will go away within a few hours.

Which threads are used in the thread lifting method?


High quality threads that have been used in surgery for a long time are used for thread lifting. This ensures maximum safety and treatment quality. The threads are 100% absorbable. This means that they are broken down by the body without leaving any residue.

Healing process after the thread lift

You don’t need to stay in the hospital after the suture facelift. You can be discharged on the same day. A month after the procedure, you should be protected from the sun and apply sun protection creams to your face. Avoid taking a hot shower or touching your face for a week.

Thread lift results

  • Your face looks firmer
  • There are no wrinkles left on your face
  • Your face is freshly lifted
  • The chin becomes clearer
  • Facial features are emphasized
  • The cheekbones and eyelids look younger

How safe is the thread lift?

Everyone who wants to do a thread lift keeps asking the question whether the threads that are being used can break? The threads that are used for the thread lifting do not tear. Caprolactone threads, which have been used for more than 50 years, are not guaranteed to break. The threads, which are compatible with facial expressions and facial muscles, take on the shape of the skin tissue over time and ensure a natural look. The effect of the thread lift Lasts about 3 years, while medical threads stimulate the skin’s collagen tissue to rejuvenate the face and increase blood circulation.